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Revolutionizing Herbal Tea

Anatolia Packed's special collection brings together nature's finest offerings in two exquisite teas. Both invite you into the world of natural flavors and add a healthy touch to your daily routine: Intense Defense Tea and Grandma's Tummy Tea.


No brewing, steeping or tools needed.


Our Intense Defense Tea is fortified with 15 different natural ingredients, designed to bolster your immune system. It's packed with rich contents like Hibiscus, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Carob, Rosehip, and Ginger. Available to enjoy hot or cold in any season, this tea contributes to your health with its intense taste and impressive features.


Grandma's Tummy Tea on the other hand, presents the perfect harmony of mint and lemon with a modern twist. This marvel of flavor can be prepared simply by adding water and enjoyed hot or cold in any season. Packed with mint, lemon peel, lemongrass, ginger, and more, this tea promises refreshment and relaxation with every sip.


Both products feature easy-to-use cubes, designed to maximize flavor and benefits. Just add 1-3 cubes to a cup of hot or cold water, wait for a minute and stir to enjoy nature's wonders. These teas are ideal for supporting a healthy lifestyle and offering a natural delight at any moment of the day.

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