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In Turkish households, it's often the grandmother who remedies every family member's stomachache with a freshly brewed cup of lemon, mint, and ginger.


Drawing inspiration from this time-honored remedy and its delightful flavor, Grandma's Tummy Tea is a fusion of lemon, mint, and ginger offers a refreshing experience, perfect as a hot or cold beverage to be savored at any moment.


No steeping, brewing or tools required!


Our herbal tea cubes offer the convenience of enjoying natural herbal tea on the go. Simply add water, give it a stir, and savor the moment. For the best experience, we suggest stirring occasionally. It's natural for some residue to settle at the bottom, and whether to consume it or not is entirely up to your preference.


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Grandma's Tummy Tea

  • Add 2-3 cubes to a glass of hot or cold water, and stir well.

    Alternatively, add cubes to a bottle of water. Shake and Drink. 

    As the cubes sit in the water, they will dissolve and settle at the bottom. We recommend stirring occasionally for the most efficient consumption.

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